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This has been a challenging year filled with painful loss, anxiety, economic turmoil, and tragic death.  Please accept our compassion, sympathy, and digital hugs — many of us have also suffered and lost loved ones as well.  We MISS YOU and we look forward to returning and delivering more OSS EXPERIENCES for our beloved Old School Nation.  Of course, we want any return to be SAFE.  We proactively suspended all events for more than a year — because we CARE about your health, our team’s health, and the health of our extended community.  Our last event was Feb.01.2020.  This was before COVID-19 shut down most aspects of life as we knew it.  We know you have missed us…and the feeling is certainly mutual.  Please stay safe, stay healthy, check on others, and be ready for news from us on future OSS Experiences!!!!! 

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Since 2003, we have proudly delivered exceptional “EVENTexperiences for our Old School Nation.  Our DJs deliver the music we all remember that covers the 80s, and 90s, and early 00s.  The music is essentially “The Soundtrack of Your Life.”   You’ll love the OSS Experience  and the welcomed trip down musical memory lane.

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